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Debunking the best "Star Wars" Theory

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

This theory is an awesome one, that has stayed in my heart for a long time, and kind-of makes me feel for the big, fat, black, machine-like human. This theory suggests....


I know that that's a lot to take in at this single moment, but I really think that this may be fake. Darth Vader had no heart at all, but of course at this moment he showed his true love for the little kid of his. This did eventually lead him to returning to the light side.

I want to say that this is a real theory!! But I think that it isn't, due to myself going with my absolute gut feeling. The way he talked to Luke during the entirety of this Franchise shows the evil in his soul. He is a complex and chaotic character. But I don't think that he had any extra heart to let Luke win at any point.

He eventually does turn to the light side, when he and Luke (hopefully) have created a new bond, but I think that before turning towards the light side, he had a whole lot of "disorganization" in his body.

I don't think that he has any heart during the battle with Luke, he literally killed so many others, how could he? But of course, I could be wrong, killing people who he doesn't feel for doesn't mean that he doesn't feel for Luke as an individual.

But again, that's just a theory, another one of our many theories!! Is it true or not? Are you ready to judge that ...? Oh wait .... George Lucas is calling me for an assignment. Well, I guess I have to go. Can't judge.

I guess that's something for another day!!

But hey like always .... Vihaan Ailiani....Out!!!!

And keep watching movies!!!!

Credit To: IMDB and Lucas-Film LTD and alongside photo editing in photoshop and google drawings.

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