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Harry Potter, and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the cursed child, now available in San-Francisco and New-York, is trying yoto be bought by broadway . . .

Just joking . . . but it may possibly be one of the most famous musicals in quite a long time cursed child, is the story of harry's son, and how he handeles getting into slytherin . . .

I myself, haven't seen the musical, but since I'm a potter-head, have watched every single preview and song related to this new fantastical musical!

I would like to talk about this new musical down below!

This is an overcoming Color-Scheme but let's start talking!

Why may 60% of all fans like harry potter and the cursed child . . .?

Ad an extra 40% right there

Continuing, I like the marvellous acting put together to create this not so cursed musical! Cursed as in the name on it's own;

because's this muscial creates an amazingly dramatic effect upon the audience

I hereby announce this musical sparking an inspiration amongst the audience!

... credit to J.K. and the rest of the harry potter cast

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