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Is Lion Guard Canon? (Spoiler Alert)

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

It took me some time to decide this and finally get this area/idea into the construction of theory. So, Lion guard tries its very best to be canon in the time that is between the Lion King and the Lion King 2. The third one or Lion King: Three Hakuna Matata, or the lion king: 1 1/2 is possibly un-canon, but what about the Lion Guard? We have solved multiple mysteries in the past that were not canon or even canon. So let's take one close look at what today makes the majority of the "Lion Guard."

It claims to not be canon. . . .let's first take a look at the difference between canon and

un-canon. Canon means that it's not a different story, perhaps the lion guard couldn't be different from the actual Lion King Universe. Un-canon means that it's a certainty of

fan-fiction. What is fan-fiction? It's a separate story not related to the current universe, through fan-fiction it gives the fans of the franchise the will to create an entirely new universe based on the other books/movies/tv-shows/cartoons.

So, Is the lion guard canon or un-canon? It can be both, but I like to choose between either. I have seen all the episodes of the lion guard 10 times, equally, they are all just brilliantly amazing!! Their take on leaving the lion king and exploring the life of the son, of the king who is the son of Mufasa. I would always cherish watching this series, and it would be nostalgic for me to watch many years later!!

Now to the main question, is lion guard canon? They actually, show the events happening in the Lion King, in the Background of the Lion Guard. They also solve the question of Bunga and Mufasa as brothers. They show Simba's redemption happening in the background which is an off-screen moment. But happened on the basis of:

"The Lion King 2", and watch how Prince Kion was plainly away, and how he gives the position of the Lion Guard to his one-time rival.

That's why I just love its idea, so I'm officially happy to state that the events that create the idea of the lion guard are officially canon!! They try their best to make it canon and explain why Kion hadn't appeared for the events of Lion King 2!!

So in summary, Lion Guard is Canon!!

Credit To: IMDB and Disney Junior and Disney Plus

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