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With the new doctor strange trailer, it really leaves a kind of question in our mind of what is coming next?

It was the big game changer, I really like it, and really, the beggining scene gives us just more than on million realities sparking in our head . . .

Is prof. ex coming?

Is scarlet witch evil . . .

and many many more!

Creddit to: Marvel Studios

Moving on to several other topics . . .

After millions, and millions of days . . .

we finally got to the fourth and brilliant thor film! I think this may be one of my most look forward to films!

"This is truly a roller-coaster of emotions"

- Chris Hemsworth

As chris hemsworth said," There is a lot to expect from the new thor film." And I can't help but jump with glee waiting for this new movie to blow us all away!

Quote for hamilton . . .

There is a cancer story-line, involving jane foster, and I'm ready for someone to grab me a tissue (or maybe I'll just get my own . . . )

In this new and beautiful thor film, I'll know I'll be able to love it!

Another master-piece directed by Taiko, Waititi

It caught to much fame, when a fake poster for thor love and thunder emerged, from the smokes . . .recently,

Taiko Waititi Debunked the poster, by calling it a fake!

There will be an appearance from the guardians (of the galaxy), that's for sure . . .

Credit to: Screen Rant . . .

Anyways . . . See you next week . . .!!!!

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