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The Best Male Actors of the 1900's

The Obvious first choice would be . . . Charlie - Chaplin . . .

He was the child-hood of many of the people and elders I admire and talk too . . .

He's the best known for,"PLaying the Young, (but youthful, o) Tramp . . .

Credit to: The Guardian

Jack Gilford, not just an actor, but a composer, and both a writer, and soundtrack creator!

Best known for "The Caveman,"

He may propably be one of the best television actors of the 1900's!

Credit to: The Golden Throats more, and more Wiki

. . . and many, many more . . .

My last, and maybe most favorite example is . . .

Walt Disney!

Yes, he ain't an actor, but a fun fact a bout his is that he was the first voiice of mickey mouse!

I like him ot the bottom of my heart! now, now enough of this

Credit to: Disney, Fandom, Wiki

I would like to share a few lady examples . . .

Continuing... Tommorrow!

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