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The DCEU needs a reboot: Here's why

The DCEU needs a reboot: Here's why

After three failed attempts, it's clear that Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe isn’t working as planned. The studio needs to reboot the series and start over again, but with what approach? Here’s why they need to reboot the DCEU, and here’s how they can do it correctly.

What went wrong with Suicide Squad

The film’s director, David Ayer, doesn’t feel like he was given enough time to edit and revise his cut of Suicide Squad; Warner Bros. ultimately tried to push for an earlier release date than its filmmakers wanted. Why? It was probably about money.

What went wrong with Justice League

Well, despite what you may hear, or have heard about Justice League (whether it’s it was always going to be bad or it didn’t do as well as Marvel movies!), let me say first and foremost that it had no bearing on its quality. It might sound like an excuse, but it really isn’t.

Rebooting the DCEU with Todd Phillips' Joker movie

After critics and fans alike slammed Justice League for its muddy plot, CGI-laden action scenes, and lack of character development, Warner Bros. is said to be getting to work on bringing some order to their DC movie universe. This past week, word broke that WB is planning on rebooting their entire superhero franchise with The Joker director Todd Phillips at the helm. It’s not a bad idea—and it doesn’t necessarily mean all future DC films will be connected to Suicide Squad. In fact, we think there are plenty of reasons why Warner Bros. should follow through with plans to reboot the DCEU. So here are three reasons why they should do just that...

I love the DCEU, but at the end of the day it has to be rebooted

here’s how that should happen. In all fairness, there were two excellent movies in 2016’s DC movie lineup: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Although they were very different movies, they both had one thing in common—at their core, they are comic book adaptations. One was dark and gloomy (Suicide Squad), while one was darker than even Batman himself (Batman v Superman).

However, that doesn’t make up for their other shortcomings. The first problem with these films is that they are too serious. I mean, seriously? Why does every superhero have to be so brooding? Just because it worked out well for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy doesn’t mean it will work out well for every single hero under Warner Bros. Pictures. This brings me to my next point—the characters need more depth and backstory.

Image Source/Credit To : DC Extended Universe Wiki . Fandom

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