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Marvel's Greatest Finale Yet: Loki Season 2 Finale Ending Explained

Updated: Nov 16

Loki Season 2 ends... just not the way that we expected.

Loki is the first marvel project to get a second season, and man what a season it was. The end of this series was like a loving kiss goodbye to Tom Hiddleston's Loki's character. Myself and the rest of the team agree that this was the best finale for a marvel project that we have ever seen!!

With the greatness of this finale, also came the confusion. Saying that our forums were filled with questions about it would be a mere understatement. So, thanks to request, we will be breaking down the ending of the Loki Season 2 Finale!!!!

The episode starts off with Loki controlling his time-slipping! In all the episodes prior, whenever loki time-slipped, he would see a past or future version of himself standing before him. But this episode was different! He time-slipped inside of his past-version's body!!

Loki tries to find a way for Victor Timely to enlarge the loom, but even though he tries time and time again (literally) he continues to fail.

After learning a thing or two about engineering (for multiple centuries), Loki returns and sends Victor Timely out and across the gangway.

Victor Timely actually succeeds in enlarging the loom, but in a huge plot twist, it turns out that the loom was only made so that it could prune the branches that didn't belong in the Sacred Timeline, and the loom cannot scale for infinite.

Loki heads straight to the time before sylvie stabs he who remains and persuades her to not. But no matter how hard Loki tries he cannot do so. He who remains reveals to loki that he was the one who paved the road for loki to come here. Loki is left in awe.

He reveals that Loki can either let the branches die, but he has to sacrifice the woman whom he loves, sylvie.

He travels back in time to meet Mobius, when they are sitting inside of the Time Theater. He asks him what to do, and mobius tells loki a story from his own life.

Loki shakes hands with Mobius moments before he spaggetifies.

Loki travels further into the future to get Sylvie's opinion. She realizes that Loki must kill her, and he has no other choice. She says that Loki must destroy the loom because, she wants free-will to exist, and she would have everyone die trying.

Loki time-slips away and has one though in mind... he is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice.

This is where most of the confusion started, so please pay attention to what I am saying, and try understanding it in great detail.

Loki goes down towards the blast doors and forces them open with his magic. Sylvie tries to stop Loki, but he completely ignores her calls.

Loki then walks up to the loomand uses his magic to completely obliterate it. The Loom explodes, and all the branches turn gray.

Loki touches one of the branches and puts his power into it, and while he holds the branches he realizes, that only if he continues to hold the branches, the multiverse will survive.

That is the exact moment that he decides to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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