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Why Marvel is failing... Part #1

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

This article is written by new author, Arnav Mishra, he has some complicated views on marvel that he will express in this article...

Ever since Avengers Endgame, Marvel has faced a constant downfall. With new shows like, "She-Hulk", and movies like "Black-Widow'. Marvel may or may not succeed in coming years.

She Hulk was definitely not the best project marvel has done, it was not good, depicting negative concepts, not good for young viewers. This is the reason why she-Hulk was not favored by me and most of the "That Movie Buff Website/Company-Team". To understand why marvel has come here, we have to look at their past and history. Grab some popcorn & lie back, for a fun social studies lesson!!

Marvel used to be called "Timely-Comics" they were the 67th best company. They were facing constant competition with companies like DC, and heroes like, Superman and Batman. But, when superstar comic writer "Stan-Lee" joined marvel they started to rise up in the comic book industry.

Stan Lee created new heroes, like Spiderman, and Doctor Strange. These heroes is what brought marvel to where we are today. Then, after some complicated negotiations Marvel took a head-dive into the movie-industry.

After multiple failed attempts at making the "Perfect-Movie" marvel brought themselves together to make a spider-man movie. This film was a frickin' hit! Everyone loved Tobey Maquire's depiction of Spider-man!

As marvel started to climb in the movie-industry they had the wonderous idea of an iron-man movie kick-starting an entire Cinematic Universe!! This idea succeeded and brings marvel where they are today!! Then, what went wrong? Why did marvel burst into oblivion? Find out in part #2 of this article!! Written by new author, Arnav Mishra!!

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Why Marvel is failing... Part #2

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