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Why Marvel is failing... Part #2

In the previous article we talked about why marvel is failing. In this second part to that article we will finally get to the true reasons, behind the scenes. This is written by new author, "Arnav Mishra"!!

Marvel's previous phases were pieces of true success. But when, their fourth, but not final phase came out they had to many ideas!! So they started to cram every possible thing they thought of into this single phase. That resulted in truly terrible "works of art".

This unfortunate thing also meant that Disney gave a much more less amount of time to their fellow special effects workers!! And those sharp deadlines also meant that the special effects artists wouldn't have enough time to finish their work. This resulted in a big down-fall with their special effects!!

Phase 4 also crammed in so much stuff, not only in their movies but also started to throw immense amounts of Disney+ shows at their "trusted-audience'. This resulted in many fans leaving marvel throughout the continuation of Phase 4.

Not only was Phase 4 bad, but the shows that were hyped for months really, really underwhelmed!! This led to more & more fans leaving marvel because of the quality of these shows!!

Before this downfall, marvel not only had great special effects & storylines, but they also had huge amounts of big name actors entering this new universe through each movie!! This is what really brought marvel to where it used to be!! But after the true heart and soul of marvel (captain america, and iron man) where practically killed off in Avengers Endgame, it did lead to the success of the film, but now they have lost their privilege of those famous actors!!

Marvel also used to have amazing directors with immense amounts of experience, but these experienced directors never ever dared to show up in phase 4 of the mcu!!

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